I don’t like cities but I love New York.

After nearly ten months of planning, tomorrow we finally leave for our study trip to New York City! As I write this, I am currently at work, but my mind and spirit are in the wind. I am already on that plane.

I had always considered India as my spiritual home.  On my first trip, it had felt like I had been there in a thousand lifetimes. A few years later, I traveled to New York for the first time.  It felt like a homecoming.  `Oh! Here is my spiritual home!’. New York in all her beauty and ugliness grabbed my heart and has never let go. I spent some time in Los Angeles last year which only confirmed that I am indeed a New York City Boy.

I am excited to return to the city I love the most with different eyes. I was last in NYC in 2010 when I worked in the theatre. This time I get to view the city as a student of Literature and Drama. I can’t wait to connect the dots and relate the sounds, smells, and sights of this amazing city to the works we read and watched in preparation for the tour. An added bonus is that I get to share this experience with some great friends! A personal highlight will be walking up Broadway, all rugged up while it snows (hopefully!).



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