As I Lay Dying…

This week we ventured into the world of William Faulkner and his vision of the world from the `inside’.  Following The Sound and the Fury, a novel that many call his masterpiece, As I Lay Dying was first published in 1930.  Both novels continue Faulkner’s use of the `Stream of Consciousness’ approach to writing, pioneered by James Joyce and Virginia Woolf.  This technique allows the reader to explore the perception and reality of the fifteen narrators in the novel, each delivering an interior monologue.

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In the above image, Faulkner is telling us that the only person we are in competition with is ourselves. As we continue to grow and evolve, we become the best versions of ourselves.  If we can be the best version of who we are and commit to being better than who we were yesterday, then there is no competition or comparison to others.   That’s not to say we can’t be motivated by those around you. However, if your focus shifts this could become an obstacle. By challenging our energy away from others and look inward, this allows us to become more aware of our own success, encourages us to appreciate the greater things the world has to offer which leads to the practice of gratitude.





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