Peer Review #5 – 19th Century Lit

What a fantastic post, Suzanne. You really hit the nail on the head in terms of how important art is in schools, in particular in the age of Trump when art funding is being reduced. In Australia, sport is deemed more important than the arts which is very disappointing. I love that you mentioned Gillian Lynne- who at the age of 91 is still creating amazing dance pieces today and refuses to retire. It shows that art has no boundaries or limits. Your Picasso quote resonates as well. Why does society and schools stifle creative minds and make them conform? Art, in all its forms, are just as important as science and maths. If we suppress the creative student, we may lose the discovery of the next Warhol or Picasso.
Unlike Jamie, I completely see the connection you’ve created between Newman’s essay and your post.
Great work.


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